PROSECCO of the month :: June

Hey yall!  It’s a little past due, but here’s my pick of the month for some DELISH Prosecco.  It’s going to become my new go-to … I think!

Name: Luna d’Or Prosecco Brut

Description: From Conegliano, Italy this devilishly good Prosecco is a light sparkling Italian wine that is very delicate and fruity with a hint of ripe apples, lemons and grapefruit.  They say it’s perfect with light dishes or sushi, but let’s be real here…. I think it’s perfect with any dish – or alone.

Fresh, Grapefruit, Apple, Full-Bodied

Purchase Location & Price: Total Wine for $12.00 (750ml)

prosecco - june

Cheers yall!! xo