Dear Santa,


Memories of Santa letters, milk and cookies, leaving  a key out for the big man when I just knew he wouldn’t fit down the chimney after ALL those cookies at everyone’s house.  Those memories are what made my Christmas magical.  And yes, that was after my parents had read me the Christmas story from Luke – or we had just been to the Christmas Eve candlelight service at church.

Here’s a little Christmas love from Olive Paper to you, a download-able Santa letter for your little ones to make their list out and leave with the plate of cookies.

If you download, please share your photos with me after the letters have been written …. that will make my heart so happy!



mistletoe + marriage

December is my FAVORITE month of the year!  To me it means family time, music that puts me in the Holiday mood, celebrations with friends, the birth of Jesus, cozy warm blankets, hot cocoa, parties, Christmas Trees, maybe a little snow if we’re lucky.

I was so happy when Monica Reid Photography asked Olive Paper to be a part of this cozy Christmas shoot!  Take a look at the images and dream of a little wedding on a Christmas Tree Farm.


xo – deb



a little gift certificate anyone?

hey sweets!

so …. the conversation goes a little something like this: he says / then / she says:

…. you’re so hard to buy for ….. you KNOW what i want for Christmas ….. how am i supposed to know what you want – – – i can’t read your mind …. well i mentioned the other day i needed to write thank you notes …. oh, you were talking to me? …. yup – – – sure was …. well can’t you just get those at target or something? ….. no way! i like olive paper’s note cards WAAAAY better.


so here you go – your very own little link to 3 gift certificates.

the OLIVE PAPER shop … available in 50, 75 and 100. 

xoxoxo – deb