Get Some Sol.

Sol Fusion has exploded this last year.

Haven’t heard of them? Well, you must not get out in Charlotte too much.  This awesome band is LITERALLY everywhere.  Weddings.  Alive After 5 (yup, the crowd has grown up a little – it’s okay to try AA5 again…). Festivals.  You name it – these guys are there.

I met the band’s ‘co-creator’ {not too sure if that’s the actual / appropriate title – but work with me here} about 7+ years ago when I produced events at The Atrium/The Green/The Plaza and he was the official barkeep (among a million other things) for East Coast Entertainment and Alive After 5.  Chris McClure.  Awesome Dude.  His day job is an Agent over at East Coast Entertainment.  So, in a nutshell – he’s got this cutie-patootie wife, Hester, who just happens to have vocal chords straight from Heaven.

Thus, Sol Fusion was born.  Pretty sure it happened just like that.

OH – and you might recognize Hester from her days with the band Black & Blue.

In a nutshell – if you’re getting married & want a band, you need to hire them.  They are the jammm.  Really. They are.

Like the kind of band that will make Grandma wanna get up and bust a move.

sf pic 1

You don’t have to take my word for it…. Click on these links below and check them out for yourself:

Official Website

Facebook Page


YouTube Channel

 xo – deb