So I have to admit – I have a love hate relationship with the US Postal Service.

It’s a necessary ‘evil’ in my world.  Well, in all of our worlds.  But they are especially a thorn in my side …. and event planners & brides …. who are sending out wedding invitations & other pretty paper goodies.

Sometimes they aren’t so pretty once they reach the guests’ hands.

Here’s a few facts that you may not realize….

1. Just because you spent an hour in the post office (which probably doesn’t smell like roses) hand-canceling the pretty postage you just spent a small fortune on, they MIGHT just run them through the electronic canceling machine anyway.

2. The postal workers do not care that you just spent 2 months with a designer creating a masterpiece that might cost $15 a pop.  Sad, but true.  That scenario might go something like this . . . . . .

“Gosh, I am sorry – I don’t know how your envelope got torn to pieces …. but we did put everything in a plastic baggie before sending it on to the recipient.”  True story y’all.

3. EVERY sorting machine is run by a computer.  Computer’s DO NOT care that you spent a small fortune on your invitations.

4. Depending on the guests’ location in the United States (or across the pond) your invitations could go through about 3 to 5 of these awesome computer-run machines.

5. These said machines that sort these pretty little envelopes get hot as FIRE.  Literally so hot they can melt ink that has dryed for DAYS or WEEKS.

WHYYYYYY am I telling you this?!?!? ….. Trust me – there’s a point to all of this. 

1. Using an envelope liner can solve a lot of these problems.  Yup – I am bringing the old school back.  This second envelope can actually provide a layer of protection to your beautiful invitations.  So can Envelopments, and other thicker folding pieces.

2. I PROMISE your wedding stationery gal OR wedding planner IS NOT out to get you OR your invitations.  They were in pristine condition when they were left in the capable hands of the government at the USPS office.  BELIEVE ME when I say, your planner or your paper gal has just as much riding on these beautiful invitations as you do.  And the LAST thing we want is an upside bride or mother of the bride.

3. Reality.  Ladies, if your envelope gets torn, smudged or {God forbid} delivered in a cute little USPS baggie, I promise your guest will still attend the event if they do not have a prior obligation.  They aren’t going to look at it, turn up their nose and talk about you with the neighbor over a cocktail.

4. Just have a real conversation with your planner or your paper gal about how to possibly prevent something like this happening.  BUT please remember, that once invitations have been dropped off, IT. IS. OUT. OF. OUR. CONTROL.

5. Keep it real.  The point of the event that you’re sending this awesome (hopefully Olive Paper) invitation to is about a celebration.  Remember the reason you sent the invitation out.  It is important for things to look nice, but I PROMISE you, it will not ruin your amazingly beautiful, well planned event.

FOR MORE INFO on invitations and paper pretties, shoot me an email!  I would LOVE to hear from you!

xoxo – deb