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Two of my favorite things have collided and I couldn’t be more excited to share this exciting news with you!

Favorite thing number ONE:  My heart is whole because I am saved by my precious Lord + Savior … some know Him as God, some call Him Jesus … and I call Him all of those things plus Heavenly Father.  I don’t share my faith a bunch on here – because let’s face it – y’all come here to see gorgeous photos of wedding invitations and other designs … but I have to share this fun news with y’all!

ENTER an amazingly talented and beautiful woman (on the inside + out) … Kristin Wall.  We met a few years ago at a conference called Pursuit.  I won’t bore you with those details – but it’s a conference for Creative Pro’s (like myself) who also are Christians … and who want to learn from + meet other like-minded women.  SO – a little bit of a spin-off of that is DELIGHT …. but for the cutest – most adorable (and insanely talented) teens!

DELIGHT + BE  is designed to invest in creatives ages 14 to 21 who are daughters of our Heavenly Father, creatives, dreamers, and entrepreneurs. It’s about encouraging these beautiful girls, strengthening them, and equipping each of them to go out and change the world through their unique and incomparable talent, imagination and creativity.

….and enter favorite thing number TWO …. Graphic Design … and Olive Paper!!

Last month, Kristin approached me about helping out in a bigger way with Delight … she asked me to volunteer with her organization and Lead the Graphic Arts Group of talented ladies from all over the US!  This was a humbling request to say the least, so I spent time in prayer about it – and said yes pretty quickly.  It’s a no-brainer for me and I am just super excited for things to come.

The one thing that is SO awesome about this for me …. I grew up in a little town where opportunities weren’t plentiful (or should I say super obvious).  I had no idea that something like graphic design (as a career) even existed – or that I was actually kinda good at it.  My hope is that I can help these ladies discover their amazing talent and also be a Christian mentor to them.  I know when I was their age I had some pretty remarkable people in my life.  And some of those people are still a part of my life today.  So, if I can give one ounce back that was given to me, my job will be complete.

Kristin, thank you for entrusting a part of your calling to me.  I am truly humbled.  These girls are already teaching me + I can’t wait to see your baby continue to soar!

There’s a new website launching next week so you’ll see another post then – so stay tuned!

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LOTS of LOVE….. deb

If I Was A Bride

I probably will never have another big wedding again … I’ve been there, done that in my 20’s … but Carolina Bride reached out to me and I caved!  The challenge was IF I was a bride (being a vendor in the Charlotte Wedding Industry), what would you choose to do?!

IF (big IF) I were a bride again and I had to choose vendors in Charlotte, it would be the hardest part for me since there is SO MUCH amazing TALENT in our industry here.  I called my partner in crime, Ivy Robinson of Ivy Robinson Events and we got to work.  Our styles are similar and she knows what I like and dislike so I rattled off my ideal color pallate and that was that!!

Jay at Indigo Photography shot all of the amazing looks that we came up with and I am sharing them here with you today!





vendor love:

photography: Indigo Photography |  florals : The Place For Flowers  |  ghost chairs: AFR Event Rentals

chargers / black draping: Classic Party Rentals  |  on location:  Foundation For The Carolinas

graphic design / paper: Olive Paper  |  Glassware / China / Flatware / Zebra Chairs / Chandeliers: Private Collection

Pursuing More at Pursuit 31

I appreciate everyone’s patience as I was away last week at a little piece of Heaven on earth … WinShape Retreat in Rome, Georgia.  I am slowly making a dent in all of my emails and phone calls.

You all know that Georgia is near and dear to my heart, but I have a new-found love with this amazing place since it is the home to Pursuit 31.  Check out this amazing place….


winshapephoto courtesy of WinShape Retreat


I am working on a FOR REAL blog post to tell you about all of the amazing things that happened this past week.  Just to give you an idea: Bob Goff was there and shared some amazing tidbits and awesome time with us … there was Chic-Fil-A tea TWENTY FOUR SEVEN (and that’s my jam) … Calligraphy Class taught by the sweetheart Jordanne … another class where Casey Wiegand shared her wisdom when it comes to blogging … and THAT is just the start.  A simple blog post won’t do this Conference justice.  The way God moved was CRAZY AWESOME …. and the rejuvenation I took away from it was much needed for this creative chicka!