For those of you who know me – or have seen me out and about with a drink in hand KNOW that I LOVE some yummy Prosecco.  Haven’t heard of it?  Well – you’re about to learn all about it …. Each month, I am going to do a Prosecco of the month – and share with y’all what MY new favorite is!

I have turned most of my girl friends into Prosecco LOVAS and I enjoy trying new ones as often as I can! I had a thought that I should put all of my ‘research’ to good use and share it with you! So, if you’re legal … yup: that’s’ over 21 my friend, let me know what Prosecco YOU and your girls like to sip on and share with me and I will do the same with you!

SO …. what is Prosecco you ask…?    Basically, it’s an Italian sparkling white wine.  The amazing bartenders at Soul Gastrolounge turned me on to this AHHHHMAZING nectar of the gods 5 or so years ago…

Do you mix anything with Prosecco?  Not if you’re sitting by me 😉  …. however, typically Prosecco is used to make a Bellini cocktail.  But, I prefer it straight up!  To me, it’s a better alternative to Champagne.

I literally have not met a Prosecco I don’t like … so, at the beginning of each month, check back in for my prosecco of the month …. but for all you cuties that are under 21, just jump to another post about some fabulous paper!

xo …. deb